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Chemical formula: KH2PO4
Molecular weight: 136.09
Standard executed: HG/T2321-1992
Properties: White or colorless crystal, easily soluble in water, relative density at 2.338, ...
Min. Order: 20 T
Molecular formula: K4P2O7
Molecular weight: 330.35
CAS No.: 7320-34-5
EINECS No.: 230-785-7
H. S CODE: 28353990
Appearance: White powder or lumps; Density: 2.534; Melting ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
(Powder--Granular)Dicalcium phosphate(DCP) Feed additive
DCP is the feed preparation of raw materials, Animal right to supplement calcium needs. Coarse its products more ...
Min. Order: 20 T
Chemical formula: Na2H2P2O7
Molecular weight: 221.95
White crystal powder; Relative density 1.86; Soluble in water and insoluble in ethanol; If its aqueous solution ...
Molecular Formula: HCOONa
Molecular Weight: 68
Structural Formula: HCOONa
Product Introduction:
This product is a white crystalline powder with water absorbing performance and ...
Min. Order: 20 mt
CAS No 67375-30-8
Formulations 97%TC, 100g/L(10%)EC
Appearance TC: Odorless white power; EC: Light-yellow transparent liquid
Package 25kg paper barrel
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Pure product is white odorless crystalline, melting point is 99.5 (with decomposition), solubility(at 20 ): In water 3000ppm, It is easy decomposition in the aqueous solution, ...
Min. Order: 1,000 kg
Detailed introduction:
Chemical formula: Na3PO4@12H2O
Molecular weight: 380.14
Standard executed: HG/T2517-93
Properties: White or colorless crystals, efflorescent in air, ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
(Powder--Granular)Mono-dicalcium phosphate(MDCP) feed additive
MDCP is preparing feed raw materials to supplement animal right calcium needs. Coarse its products more ...
Min. Order: 20 t
Melamine 99.8% is mainly used for manufacturing melaminoformal dehyde resin, which is well water, heat and arc resistant and bright. It can also be used in decorative laminates, ...
Min. Order: 20 mt
CaLcium Formate feed additive
Molecular Weight: 130.12 Density: 900-1000kg/m3
Molecular Formula: Ca(HCOO)2 Specific Gravity: 2.023 (20° C)

Dissolve Temperature>400° C ...
Min. Order: 20 mt

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